So what’s the deal with this book, do all participants get one?

I’m afraid not, we will only print 100 unique books and it’s first come first served.


Can I still download all my photos even if I don’t get a book.

Yes, of course, once you complete your 1440 day cycle you’ll be able to download high resolution versions of all your photos taken with the app.


So I get to see photos from all users during one day?

No, the book only contains your own images that you’ve taken with the app.


So how many pages did you say?

Each spread represents one minute which means there are 2880 pages in total


Can you really print a book that thick?

No, you can’t so we divided it into two volumes, with your images printed in chronological order ranging from 00:01- 12:00 and the second volume from 12:01-00:00


How much is it for the book?

It’s $1440 (of course!) with a 10% deposit when you place your order and the remaining 90% once you complete your cycle.


I want to order the book, when will I receive it?

You’ll receive it once you complete your 1440 day cycle, plus production and shipping time.


And how do I order one?

You send us an email