Social media was supposed to keep us in touch with our friends but has instead turned us all into unwitting monkeys filling out the world’s longest consumer survey.


Facebook doesn’t want your money. It wants your time.


minutiae is a response to our current moment: an anonymous anti-social media app that forces its users to document the in-between moments of life.


A collaboration between artist and participant that retrieves forgotten moments and celebrates the ordinary.


minutiae is not a normal app

minutiae does not provide instant gratification

minutiae is not interested in your data

minutiae will not increase your efficiency

minutiae is not a popularity contest

minutiae is (let’s be honest) not for everyone


minutiae is your automated self-portrait

minutiae is random moments.

minutiae is forgotten memories.

minutiae is life. Real life. Uncurated. Unfiltered. Unfollowed.

minutiae is a marathon, not a sprint.